Marching band a threat to hearing?

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Thanks to all of the studies that have been done on the effects of loud music on hearing, researchers have discovered that even playing in the school marching band may be hazardous to your hearing. Ask your audiologist about musician’s plugs, which are specialized earplugs that can be worn while playing an instrument. They come with removable sound filters that allow kids to “turn down the volume” while still hearing all of their fellow musicians and staying in key. Check this article out from USA Today.


iPods and hearing loss in kids

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Here is a great article I found on about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss in kids and teens. So many kids these days have iPods and MP3 players, and most of them are unaware of the damage they may be doing to their hearing by cranking up the tunes. It’s up to us as parents to educate them so they can protect their residual hearing!